It Was National Cancer Survivors Day Today

Today was National Cancer Survivors Day according the the Official Website.

And today, I was grateful, but also annoyed, angry and fed up.

I even wrote an article about being so and posted the link up on all the social media pages I maintain, as well as all the secret support  groups where I have a presence on Facebook and elsewhere.

I really want people to think.  I want them to understand why they do what they do.  What it is that we honor and support.

So, I suppose I intended to be provocative when I titled the piece:  “It Is National Cancer Survivors Day–June 2, 2013–and This Cancer Survivor is Fed Up” (click to read the original piece.)

More than 150 people have already read it. I’m glad they have, because there has been discussion.

I warned them that some would find it controversial. But I needed to say what I felt needed to be said.

There have been a variety of comments left around the Web.  Most have been favorable.  Some had a tone of annoyance.

But I, too, was annoyed. In fact, I was annoyed a lot of this past week.

It started with my hearing, “Happy Memorial Day.”   Thankfully, there are a few of us who still remember and can teach others what a solemn day Memorial Day is.  It is a day of reverence, as we are reminded in this video.

Seven days later, I heard the words, “Happy National Cancer Survivors Day,” as if it were just another one of our extended weekend holidays.

Perhaps, I’m overly sensitive right now, as I approach my one-year followup appointment to find out whether or not I have recurrent tumors in my system.

Maybe I’m just tired of hearing the word, “Cancer.”   Being reminded that I have been forever branded by something I never asked for in the first place.  There are days that I just want to live my life without remembering that cancer ever touched it.

Then again, maybe I am growing weary that we, as a society, seem to declare a day for celebration of this or that, simply to create a reason to fire up the BBQ and have a beer.

What’s next?  National Hemorrhoid Survivor Day?

I simply want a cure.  And until we have one, I want to live my life with the gusto that we should all live life, as if it were our last.




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