What If Today Were Your Last Day

I never seem to have enough time to catch up reading all of the blogs and books and articles I want to read.

Honestly, I have never figured out how some people can juggle all of life’s expectations and keep their worlds running in smooth synchronicity. I might be able to get all the balls in the air at once, but they would come crashing down around me.

I suppose I am a bit “all-or-nothing” in my approach to life, not that this has particularly served me well. Yet, I have certainly lived a full life, even though many of my well-intended projects, dreams and relationships seem to have been long-forgotten.

I never forget the people in my life, although some may feel I have. I simply am a collector or gatherer of people. I bring them together. Make introductions. I am the consummate “networker.”

I love the company of people.

Different people. Unique stories. I prefer face-to-face. And I see most of them as “friends.”

So many others see friendship from a perspective of having a much more intimate relationship and call mine “acquaintances.” But I see the whole world of people as “friends I haven’t met yet.”

Technology and the Internet opened the world up to reaching others that one would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Blogging has allowed us a peek into how others think and feel, as if we were handed a penned diary into the secrets that were formerly kept hidden away between the mattress and box springs in the bedroom.

The past two days have been “all” days, when it comes time to trying to catch up on reading and I happened on to an online friend’s blog, Raindrops on Roses, only to find that she had nominated me for a “Liebster Award” and I was to answer a series of questions and repost. I’m unsure of whether these awards are real or not, as they are a reminiscent variation of the old chain letters I remember from the 1960s and 70s. But I found the questions to be interesting prompts and answered them in the comment section of her blog.

Then she asked for me to “Complete the sentence, ‘If today were my last day I would…’”

If today were my last day…

I would gather up all my family and friends (from all around the world, including my online pals), rent a huge room somewhere and I would have the greatest chefs prepare the best dinner anyone has ever eaten. I would hire the most fabulous band. And I would make sure that everyone had the most incredible day and evening of their lives.

We would laugh, sing, dance, tell stories, dine and drink together, reminisce, hug, and simply…

have fun!!

I would bring mementos of who I am and carefully select the “gift” that I would give to each of my guests, so that each would have something of me, explaining to each person why I chose them to receive the particular gift.

It would be the biggest celebration party that anyone has ever attended, celebrating the love and friendship we share in life, even on what would be my last day of life. There would be a distinct “rule” that the following day they could NOT have a memorial celebration because I would not be there to enjoy it with them.

It would be my hope that I would inspire others to live each day as if it were their last, and to make sure that they do whatever makes them the happiest in life.

So, tell me….

What would YOU do if today were your last day?

(Original post by author submitted 5/29/13)


4 thoughts on “What If Today Were Your Last Day

  1. Loren

    Coral.. You do inspire me to live each day as if it is my last. So many times you have pushed…I mean gently nudged.. me to see something that was right in front of my face…and always turns out it is so much easier to face than to put off until tomorrow. You are a wonderful being and I am so grateful for the life I have and that you are part of it. You always seem to live life to the fullest each day. I know that’s not always true, but you are always “in the moment” and I absolutely love that about you. I adore our friendship and look forward to many, many more years “in the moment” with you.

  2. “I would bring mementos of who I am and carefully select the “gift” that I would give to each of my guests, so that each would have something of me, explaining to each person why I chose them to receive the particular gift.” – February 2012 my nephew, Greg, was diagnosed with stage four synovial sarcoma cancer. He was bedridden for most of 2012 and born into Heaven 26 December 2012. One day Grandma was visiting and Greg expressed wanting to get gifts for his Mum, Dad and little brother – he knew exactly what he wanted for each of them and gave Grandma instructions on where to get it and also, no one was to know. What a thoughtful little champ he was. At the time he was nine, turned 10 in October. You can imagine the tears that followed those gifts as it was something to remember him by, but the fact is each of them have something so personal from Greg and that will last forever.

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