I Am a Survivor!


Ah! The irony! It is almost funny to me that on the first day of this month I would write about being a “Survivor.”  It was in May last year that I received news of a diagnosis which would forever change my life.

Perhaps this is “The Great Set-up” for me to begin to tell more of the story about the events that transpired one year ago.  I have not really wanted to take a look at some of what has happened, generally in relationship to my fears, expectations, and the people in my life.

But, yes.  One year later, I am still alive.

I have survived…

Pokes and prods.  Opposition and defeat. Misinformation and misunderstandings. Tests and surgeries. Fear and failure. Disappointment and broken promises. Pain of body, heart and soul.

And as life has given me all of these things, I am also grateful to have received…

Encouragement and hope. Lessons and sound guidance. Surprise visits and special moments. Laughter and joy. Understanding and healing. Reconnection and renewal. Celebration of body, heart and soul.

And I have survived the A to Z in April 2013 Blogging Challenge.  Twenty-six posts.  Fifteen days.

I started five days late, having forgotten I’d signed up.  I skipped days because I couldn’t think of anything to write about.  I didn’t think I could get it done.  And I wanted to give up.  But I did it anyway.

Just like I’ve survived this past year with Stage IV cancer.

Survived CT scans, MRIs, a biopsy and a prognosis from one doctor that told me it was not likely I’d make it past one year. Survived the mother of all surgeries to live to talk about it.  Survived a year of my own crazy thoughts of death and dying.

And some days I’ve forgotten to “sign up”  for life. Skipped days because I couldn’t think.  I didn’t think I would be alive today.  And I wanted to give up. But I lived anyway.

May Day.

I begin this month in celebration of my “survival” of the A to Z in April 2013 Blogging Challenge.  And I ask that you celebrate with me.

Celebrate by working your way through each post and sharing your comments as you “survive” Coral’s A to Z in April Blogging Challenge.  (It does not have to be all in one day!)

And I also begin this month in celebration of my “survival” of this past year and ask that you celebrate with me and continue to LIVE life with me.  Challenge yourself to live life doing the things that you think you cannot do.

I will not promise that I can make you a “survivor badge” as you accept either of these challenges.

What I can and will promise you is a genuine look into my life, how I think, and an opportunity to get to know me better (whether we’ve known one another for days, months, or years online or offline).  I also promise that I will do my best to respond to each comment that you leave here on the blog.

I also promise you that when I give of myself to you–when I share my heart–I take a big risk.  I am vulnerable with you.  I will allow you in. Give of myself in a way where  I can feel hurt, pain and disappointment.  Just as I will share hope and joy and love.

Whether you know me face-to-face or simply through my writing, trust that I do not take whatever is shared lightly.  Ever.

And though I’m certainly not perfect, there are several in life and beyond who could attest firsthand to that.

From the depths of my heart, thank you all for your continued support of me as we learn together how to keep…

Laughing, hoping, loving, living (and surviving)…beyond life’s challenges.

(Note: Please share this list and/or a particular post wherever you deem appropriate.  If you should find that any hyperlink is broken, please let me know by leaving a comment here on this thread.  Thanks!)


A is for Announcement

B is for Bridget, Brunner and Brandy

C is for Courage, Connection and Community

D is for Decluttering

E is for Eulogy

F is for the F-Word

G is for Girl

H is for Honesty

I is for Inspire

J is for Jewelry: What I have learned of life from making and repairing jewelry

K is for Kindred Spirit

L is for Lamentations of an Old Woman

M is for Music: A story from my life

N is for Naughty and Nice

O is for Optimism: Fighting what life dishes

P is for Promises: Broken and otherwise

Q is for Quote: Facing Fear from Eleanor Roosevelt

R is for Roosevelt: Another quote Teddy-style

S is for Stop It! (A Shrink Speaks)

T is for the Thunderstorm of April 2012

U is for an Unstoppable and Unabashed Life

V is for small v

W is for Walt Whitman and Words to Live By

X is for Xenophobia Revisited

Y is for Yes

Z is for Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

16 thoughts on “I Am a Survivor!

  1. Judy Veron

    I had to share this May 1 I am a SURVIVOR post! I shared this blog entry on a new site I enjoy…myBCTeam.com Designed for women diagnosed with breast cancer. I really LOVE it, check it out 🙂 Thanks for another GREAT entry, XO

  2. Congratulations to you. Often you would post your link after I had made my rounds…our schedules apparently didn’t coincide well even though we’re in the facebook group blog park. I was disappointed as folks pulled out and the group there didn’t seem very um, supportive, it was you and I and less then a handful of others; but…….onward we went. Nickerson with her 8 blogs……wow, I did 3 (probably won’t do that again), but I’m sorry to say I did not know of your hardship or your journey. I will read each post. I’ve been praying for several high school friends and several on line friends going through chemo, radiation, 2nd and 3rd surgeries. YOu have a lot to celebrate and share. Congratulations for overcoming the challenges in your life and the blog challenge.

    1. Thank you, Sandy, for your kind words. I got started late and then, as I mentioned, there were days that I just didn’t want to write. *laughs* (Some would say that I “cheated” with the quotes entries.)

      Perhaps one day, I will tackle an A to Z for two or more blogs. You and Nickerson…are rockstars!!

  3. You did not cheat! I’m lining up a few posts, as I finish my wine and then call it a night; but……..I’ll….be baack, if I can help with the badges let me know.

  4. Shayla

    As always Coral, I support you in your writing works, but even moreso now impressed with your continuous strength through your adversities. I told you when I met you that you are such a spark plug, and I mean that still till this day… 🙂 Keep your light shining honey.

    1. Shayla…I’m so glad that we reconnected after those years. So many changes since we first met. Thank you for our friendship and for the occasional lighting a fire under my behind! 😉

  5. Arlee Bird

    I’m so glad that you were able to be a part of A to Z 2013 and make it to the end. I hope to see you for many more Challenges. I like the Challenge you’ve posed to readers.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

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