X is for Xenophobia Revisited

a-to-z-letters-x Two years ago, I signed up for a blog challenge–From Z to A in May–which I never finished.

But what many found as a difficult prompt for the letter X, I wrote X is for Xenophobia, which resulted in being one of the most controversial pieces I’ve ever written. (Click on the link for the text.)

You will see from some of the comments made that some felt “annoyed” with me, and one claimed that this piece was a “great disrespect” to our men and women in uniform.

I agree that it was a sensitive subject to tackle.  Osama bin Laden had finally been captured and killed just a few days earlier.

Although I was certainly relieved (and yes, I might say “happy”) that this madman was no longer on this earth to perpetuate more evil,  I also shared my sadness at how many of us, as members of a “civilized society,”  reacted in those moments of victory.

I maintain today that, if we accept a role of leadership–as individuals in our family units, as groups within our communities, or as a nation in this world–we set the example.  We must hold ourselves to the same standards of behavior, decency and respect that we would expect to receive from the others who look to us for guidance.

“So goes the leader, so goes the pack.”





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