U is for an Unstoppable, Unabashed Life



I haven’t often found that I could gather the momentum to be such a thing.  And so I stopped.  Time and time again.

Dead in my tracks.

Granted, I defined success by the standards that had been defined FOR me by others’ beliefs. And I am being reminded on a daily basis that the only one stopping me is me.

I want to be unstoppable.

That does not mean that I have some unrealistic expectation of myself or my value in this world.  It simply means that I want to get to a point in life where I live unafraid…unyielding in a sense that I am resolute to my purpose.

An unabashed life.

No embarrassment.  No shame…in doing what I am meant to do. Saying what I need to say.

This past week I received several comments from participants in recent workshops:

“Coral provides her students and all those she comes in contact with her a piece of herself that helps bring out hope and aspirations of becoming something better than what they are. She models her teachings and provides us all with a picture of what we could be if we followed our passions. She is a talented instructor and coach that gives her all to the students she is providing for. I hope to one day give back to Coral a portion of what she has given all of us.”  ~ Kevin B.

“Coral, you have truly changed my life. I want to thank you so much for the time you dedicated to me and fellow vets. On Monday I was terrerfied (sic) to get out of the Navy and by Thursday afternoon you had set my mind at eze (sic) and gave me confidence that I can have a life on the outside.” ~ Ed L.

“Thank you for sharing your stories…knowledge…(and) listening to my story. I usually don’t tend to open up that fast and let people know about the injuries I have endured, and the guilt/ sadness of the loss of my wife.” ~ Mike

“Coral, what a great and informative three days by you. We were all in a state of letdown after you left. I would not want to be the instructor that follows you…a very tough act. Thanks again for the mentorship throughout the week.” ~ RDML C. G.

Reading these words of how others see me, as well as sharing them, is embarrassing on some levels.

But if I am true to what I say that I want to do–live an unstoppable, unabashed life–and I am living true to what I say is my purpose in life–to inspire others to see beyond the challenges they face–then I must remember to accept the compliments in the manner that they are given.

I trust that I will continue to be genuine, and care for others by continuing to lead them through their toughest of times by the example I set in facing my own demons.

Unstoppably and unabashedly me.


4 thoughts on “U is for an Unstoppable, Unabashed Life

    1. Many years ago, I heard these words: “Act as if…” I teach that when I am working with people who are job seeking. “Act as if you feel confident. People will read that as confidence and you will (if the right fit) get the job.” You are so right with the perspective/perception statement. We never really do see our “kapow!” quite the same way that others see us. Then again, there are others who will read the behavior as something else. So, in the grand scheme of things, it’s about knowing ourselves and doing what we want/know is right for us, because people are going to think what they think based on their experience of us. Thank you, Candice, for your wonderful comment and your continued support of me.

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  2. Reblogged this on BEYOND THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE and commented:

    Yesterday’s sign: Business cards arrived.
    Today’s sign: A search in Google for “Unabashed Me” led me to this post–my own–written more than three years ago.

    It has also been four months since I resigned my position. I have not been feeling unstoppable or unabashed of of late.

    I needed to stumble upon this post today.

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