N is for Naughty and Nice


“…he’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice…”

And I’m sure that the stories I could tell from either category would shock Santa, if he knew them all.

We all have been given our definitions of both of these words.  We’ve taken on the guilt of not living up to societal or familial standards of “nice” and the shame of “naughty.”

However at some point our lives, we must begin to realize that we made our choices by how we saw ourselves.


What we thought we deserved. What we thought we wanted to be.  What we thought we should be. What others said we must be. So often, we were completely lost in or paralyzed by our fear.

Yet, each moment we have lived, every experience, each loss and joy we have felt, every step along the way…holds a life’s lesson for us. And once we rid ourselves of the guilt and shame of our past, we can see them all simply as our unique collection.


Life is not always black or white. Good or bad. Yes or no. Naughty or nice.

Sometimes, life is both AND…

And yes, I have been both.

Naughty AND nice.

And sometimes, both…at the same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Into the depths of my being
I look at the secrets 
I have kept from others who know me.

Some would call me “immoral,” 
If they were privy to the

Always searching for love,
I found myself–too often–
Wrapped in confusion’s arms.
Men who wanted to taste
More than others had to give,
Played into my insecurities.

And I became what they wanted–
A friend, lover, confidante, and

(Original written 6/11/2011, titled B is for Bad Girl, under pen name, Ms. Lilac Divine)

4 thoughts on “N is for Naughty and Nice

  1. Mick

    Naughty and Nice is for children, and we need to put aside childish ways.

    We are’nt in the business of Santa. In your brokenness Coral, you’re already there. You’re such an American in all your analytic drive. For f*&%s sake, come back into the bosom of what I’ll call rish disaster………There is no need for your plan, and you need no plan; if I name ‘him’, it’ll turn you off, so just take my plan.

    I am not promising to be here, because I’m the guy in the boat alongside. I have sailing of my own to do. I am promising that, well, we’ll be wrong together if we are, and the Irish never are.

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