L is for Lamentations of an Old Woman


“I’ve become an old woman, I know that it’s true.”

This was the first line of a poem, “Lamentations of an Old Woman,” I wrote nearly four years ago. I was not yet 54 years of age.

I have lamented many things in life which really did nothing more than contribute to stress levels, cause me headaches, make me angry, and waste a lot of time and energy on things that simply do not matter when we consider the “grand scheme” of life.

Today, I looked that poem, because I labeled my day off as lost  and largely felt  literally justified to lament, as I still had five blog posts to become current with the “A to Z Blogging Challenge” and got started with late.  (Likely that you have now learned that I am quite the loquacious, ludicrous, though lovely lass!  Of course, all the L-words come flooding into my brain now that I’m being silly!)

I must admit that this past year, having been “lucky” enough to have been diagnosed with a rare cancer, I lament less and less.

A few weeks ago, a 20-year-old participant of my career transition workshops said to me (about my age), “You are my grandmother’s age.  In fact, you’re a little older than her.”

There was a time, when I would have been downright offended.  I must admit, however, that it did catch me off-guard.  But to live long enough to become an old woman (in some people’s eyes) will never be something I lament…ever again.

Every day that I am  able to wake up to be able to continue to


…makes this old woman just a little happier.


3 thoughts on “L is for Lamentations of an Old Woman

  1. Mick

    * Laughing my ass off *

    Coral, you seem short of 58 years old.

    Let’s just agree, you’re older than me, by a couple of months. Let’s not be precise on it.

    You’re just older than me…………..* vulturey, feathery, hop, hop, hop, cackle*

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