K is for Kindred Spirit

a-to-z-letters-k Kindred

Merriam-Webster Online defines this as “a group of related individuals” or “one’s relatives.”

Yet we seem to have taken this to a new level with “kindred spirit.”

Delving into Thesaurus.com, we find many definitions, of which this is only a sampling :

One’s true love, confidante (female), confidant (male), best friend, heart’s desire,, true love and soul mate.

The fantasy begins…

I think of how often we use these words to describe someone we meet and believe they will be in our lives forever, whether a friend, lover, or spouse.

We experience deep cerebral connection. Powerful conversation. Joyful interchange.  Shared likes and dislikes. Explosive orgasms. Soulful intimacy.

In those moments when and where we feel most connected, we let our imaginations construct stories of perfect people in the perfect world having perfect relationships.  We believe we have found our “kindred spirit,” “soul mate,” “best friend,” or “one true love.”

But then, hope is dashed…

As good as these moments feel when we are experiencing them, life continues to move into the next day, week, month and year.

Time takes its toll. Imperfections are illuminated.  Truth is discovered.  Heartfelt conversation becomes an occasional platitude. Hopeful fantasy becomes a stinging slap into…


Whatever the level of relationship we have to others, it is important for us to find others whose approach to living life  and treatment of others is similar to ours.

We must take care to find other people who speak the truth, live with integrity, treat others with kindness and who are capable and willing to be completely genuine with us in what we collectively share with one another. They become our tribe and our family, without regard to the type of relationship we will have with each other.

Once we do… then, and only then, have we found…

our kindred spirits.


2 thoughts on “K is for Kindred Spirit

  1. Mick

    Just cos yer a complete chick in jewellery does’nt mean we’re not kindred spirits

    ( It does mean that, if we ever meet, I’m not buying)

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