A is for Announcement

a-to-z-letters-a    Though I am getting off to a slow start this week, I would like to make an announcement.

I have signed up to participate in a blogging  challenge to write each day, which began early this week.

This means that I have a bit of “catching up” to do, which seems to be the story of my life!    Writing regularly seems to be a challenge for me without the added pressure of doing it every day to be   compliant with the requirements of a  challenge that I have committed to “stick to.”

I believe that part of my struggle is knowing how to deal with showing my vulnerability.

I am quite adept at dancing around my words in order to direct and guide an audience.  But when it comes to showing myself as  less-than-perfect in thoughts, ideas, struggles, concerns and fears, I can create so many obstacles, and all it seems to do is create a picture of me.  A picture of someone who cannot  follow through.  A procrastinator.  A _______________. (You can fill-in the blank, but please own that yourself because I can create enough shame and guilt without help from anyone else!)

On March 12th, I wrote “Perfect health: Achieved through meditation?”  I shared my commitment that I would get through the 21-day Perfect Health Meditation Challenge co-hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.

I also stated that I would reflect each Sunday on my progress, as I was guided through the process, including prompted writing  exercises.  I did not share these Sunday reflections with my readers.

If I’m truthful, it was because of an extreme sense of feeling vulnerable and not knowing how to share something that ended up becoming so intensely personal, much to my surprise.

However, I am pleased  to make the announcement that I did, indeed, complete the 21-day Perfect Health Meditation challenge. It took me 25 days to do it, but I did it. I am currently look for a way to make myself accountable in order to learn more and  incorporate meditation as part of my daily life.  And I will likely share parts of this experience with you as I take on this new daily blogging challenge.

But since I’m starting with the A-day and not the V-Day or M-Day, I’ll just stick to the letter A.

So, though I’m more than a few days and a dollar short, I would like to make the following announcement:

I am a…


I am grateful to those of you who are reading , following and commenting on my blog.  Thank you for your continued support of me throughout  all of the challenges I face and write about.



7 thoughts on “A is for Announcement

  1. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Tourist Guide Central is only unofficially competing this year as we were a few hours past the deadline for signing up! This is such a great way to meet new bloggers!

    1. Thank you, Bhavya, for shopping by!. I tried to use your hyperlink to read your blog, but it didn’t work. 😦 I do appreciate the welcome!

  2. I am a agriculturalist. (that counts as two As.:-) ) I’m also a passionate traveler, a photographer and a tech geek.

    Welcome to the A to Z, hope you catch up! It takes time and effort but I have been loving it. Fun catching all the different blogs through the hop too!

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