How many of you have dished out or been the recipient of the well-timed “zinger”? This blogpost from a couple of years ago reminds us that we need to be aware of our intentions before choosing to speak. Enjoy! ~Coral


I consider myself to be an effective communicator.

I have learned to be open to others’ viewpoints and facilitate good discussion in groups.  I have become more adept at listening without the need to feel as if I must have to defend myself or my stance on any given topic. I have become more thoughtful before I open my mouth to share my opinion, knowing that when asked, “What do you think about…?” not everyone wants an honest answer, but rather simply to be heard without judgment.

Where I have the toughest communicative challenges are the remarks that catch me off guard, often times striking out to cut to the core—the ZINGER.

Well-placed zingers can be amusing, making playful banter deliciously fun.  But when used caustically, the zinger can disarm the most formidable opponent.  There are times that these communication darts are thrown at a target intentionally. …

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  1. Mick

    the very best ‘zingers’ arrive as delayed eloquence, just in time to be late, and that’s the best place for them 🙂

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