A Dance of Love

One of the challenges so many of us face in our lives is feeling free to be ourselves.  We live our lives worrying about what others think of us.

I have never been particularly graceful by most  standards, yet I have always loved music and wanted to dance.  I wanted to be comfortable expressing music through dance.

In September of 2010, and using a pen name, I published “A Dance of Love,” a sensual look at what freedom of movement and dance represented to me.

And so now, I encourage you to “dance as if no one is watching…” even if only in your dreams.



The freedom to dance…
the movement of unbridled desire.

To allow myself to get lost in the lust of rhythms…
writhing and gyrating as the mood moves me.

An audience would not be necessary, but…
if there were an audience, it wouldn’t matter.

To dance for one…or many…
or simply for myself…

Space would be my canvas,
my body the paint.

Creation of a masterpiece
that is only mine to share.


4 thoughts on “A Dance of Love

  1. Hi Coral- it’s Dawn Muench aka cupsrunningover on twitter- we can talk a little more- would love to help in anyway I can and to connect more about your potential donations and whether it might be a good fit for my step-mom. It’s so cool that you live in this area. I am encouraged by reading your blog and love your desire to overcome, persevere, learn from hardship and share what you’ve learned with others! Hope to talk to you soon!

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