Perfect health: Achieved through meditation?

Yesterday I signed up to participate in something that I have never committed wholly to doing.


I have explored (short-lived) meditative practices in the past, but it never seemed quite “right” for me.  My cynicism becomes the driver behind all things of a spiritual nature, so many ideas and practices remain unexplored for me, whether it is having faith trusting that exercise and sweat will make me a strong, Amazon woman or that prayer meditation can bring about internal changes.

“Why now?” you ask.

There have been several not-so-gentle nudges through conversations with others that suggest that health can be changed by thoughts, meditation, prayer, trust, and many other things.  It does not seem to be limited to one particular religion or belief system, but a universal principle.

Yesterday, I received an email message inviting me to join the “Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge–Perfect Health.” 

Perfect health.

What is “perfect health”?   Can it ever be achieved?  Is it only perfect if things are reversed or is it perfect because our mind starts to see perfection or health in a new way?

If you are like me, this might very well be a big stretch.  It certainly has its share of “woo-woo” elements.

But what hell!  It cannot hurt to try it, right?  And I’ve always tried to be open-minded to anything other than my own cynicism.


In one month, it will be the first year anniversary of my landing in the emergency room and hearing news that forever changed my journey in life.  As I approach many first-year reminders of spring 2012, I thought that it might be serendipity that Day One of the 21-Day challenge started yesterday.

The 21st day of the challenge will be April 1st.  I choose to trust that it won’t be some silly April Fools’ joke!


One of the things I like about this challenge is that one is given a series of three questions and reflection prompt to record in a “journal,” which can also be printed.   It allows opportunity to document and see progress/changes in thinking/patterns, etc.

I am drawn to and committed to that process, which will give me the “show me” piece that seems to be so important to me.  Call it “the evidence.”

I will also share at the end of each of the three weeks (on a Sunday) what I experienced, observed, thought, wrote as I reflect upon what “perfect health” means to me.


Centering thoughts.  Mantras.  Bells.

It all feels a bit foreign to me.

Will it change me?  Change my disposition?  Affect my health?  Alter the cellular growth?  Give me perfect health?

For the last two days, I carved out 15 minutes to explore something new.  To think of myself  in perfect health. To see balance as my true nature.   And I’ll do the same for the next 19 days.

Perhaps, you will join me and then share your thoughts, ideas and transformations here with me.

And, if for nothing else, we won’t be alone on April Fools’ Day!

Meditation 1934, Alexej von Jawlensky (Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


2 thoughts on “Perfect health: Achieved through meditation?

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