Passion and Purpose Revisited

Three years ago when I wrote, “Passion, Mission and Purpose,” I felt lucky to have found a job that I loved, working for a company that I “fit.”  I alluded to “living with purpose,” and I also wondered…

…how many others are currently doing something where there is no joy.  No passion.  No life.  Where one day melts into another and the music has been silenced in their souls.

I realize today, three years later, that I had (cue the old Carpenters cassette tape now) “only just begun to live.”

I no longer believe that LUCK really has anything to do with life.

Trevor Blake

Businessman and author of “Three Simple Steps,” Trevor Blake was recently asked the question, “What does follow your passion really mean?”  (Read Trevor’s full response on his blog.)

Many people mistake being passionate with excitement and noisy cheerleading. Some dictionaries even define the word in those terms. Oddly though its Greek derivation means “to suffer or endure.”

For me it is an emotion that comes somewhere between the two. It is a powerful compulsion. It requires no jumping up and down or screaming, and it is impossible to ignore.

When you follow your passion, you are on purpose, and you have a sense of knowing about it. There is a great calmness in your emotions. You just know where you are supposed to be right now, and where you are supposed to go. There is no need for excitement and there is no fear because doubt has been removed. It is serenity. (Trevor Blake)

To be passionate is to suffer and endure?  I’m sure there are many of you asking this question, “Haven’t I suffered and endured enough already?” 

Trevor continues,

…passion is that juncture where purpose and knowing meet…there can be no mistaking it when you get there. At that point, nothing in the universe can derail you. Obstacles become experiences, and you don’t need to convince yourself of success because you just know. The stress of no longer having to believe falls away, and is replaced by a sense of knowing…

Life goes on…

Much has changed for me in three years. That’s not new for any of us.  Life continues to move on in spite of what we must suffer or endure.

What I have learned (and am continuing to learn) is that living a life of purpose and passion is not defined by what we do for work, how much money we make, what title we hold, or how many people know our name.  Nor is it about the recognition we receive through accolades, pictures with celebrities, nor any other ego-boosting honor.

That is not to say that we should be ashamed or feel guilty when these good things come to us.

Three years later…

I am not nearly as intent on convincing myself (or others) of anything.  I know that I’m exactly at a place in life where I belong.  Of course, I don’t always like having to go through some of the challenges I face, but I have to say that I’m at much more peace than I’ve ever been before.

Do I love my “job” and the company for which I work?  Yes, I do.  But it has absolutely nothing to do with the title I hold, the company or the contracts signed.

Living with passion and purpose means that I take each day for what it offers me, wherever I find myself to be and with whomever I am to share it.  It is not necessary for me to always DO something.

It is my job in life to simply BE. 

I think I’m finally beginning to understand what Trevor Blake meant:

The stress IS falling away and  I KNOW I’m on the right path for me.


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