Update: A Pearl to Bridget Project

To all who are patiently awaiting the news on A Pearl to Bridget Project :  Details and photographs are coming soon!!  We are so excited to share them with you.

We are awaiting news that all of the pearls that were purchased have been strung, knotted, finished,  sent and received by Bridget before posting details and photographs.  The response to and support of this project was truly awe-inspiring.    The artisans at Pearl Paradise have been very busy with the design and creation of beautiful pieces for Bridget.

For those of you who have ever taken jewelry classes (especially in pearl knotting) at your local bead stores, you know that each pearl is knotted individually by hand.  This project is truly a “labor of love.”


Each of us involved in this project want to thank you for your love, support, and participation .   We look forward to sharing more with you soon!



3 thoughts on “Update: A Pearl to Bridget Project

  1. Sharon larsen

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this project and keeping up updated. Bridget is truly an inspiration to us all.

  2. Brenda Taft

    Coral, Thank you so much for writing about Bridget, and spreading the word about our Pearl Project. So many wonderful and generous people have helped to make this an unbelieveable event.

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