The Beginning of a New Year as a Writer and Storyteller

I call myself…

…a writer.

Yet, as I reflect this morning on what I have accomplished (or not) with my writing this past year, I sit with the statistics (and in judgment of my value as said writer).

After all…

  …numbers don’t lie.

As a contributor with three other sites that have a potential for me to generate a little bit of income, I wrote nothing in 2012 for two of them and submitted only one poem and one haiku to the other.

Hardly what one could call…

…a writer.

This blog has been the only evidence to the world that Coral Levang is a writer.  And the statistics here on “Beyond Life’s Challenges,” tell me that  I have posted 19 times in the past 366 days, averaging once every three weeks, though it was never that consistent.  They also tell me that I had approximately 4000 views in the same 366 days,  averaging  not quite 11 views daily.

I cannot ignore that 800 of those views were in the LAST TWO DAYS of the year!  That’s 20 percent of the year’s views in two days. And primarily on one post, Bridget Spence and A Pearl to Bridget Project. 

Does this make me a writer or elevate me to a title of  “brilliant wordsmith”? I think not. I told…

…a story. 

A simple story.  Someone else’s story.  And the story of what several others are doing to keep her story alive.  It was my desire to make sure that a young woman and her legacy will not be forgotten.

Is this the lesson for me?

In some circles, I am called a “teacher,” “trainer,” or “coach. “In others, “networker,” “connector,” or “relationship builder.”  And I do that with words–most of the time with the spoken word.  At other times, the written.

I tell stories.

As I reflect on the past year,  I must also come to terms with some of the “life challenges” thrown in my path in 2012 and what that means for me as I look beyond these challenges to a new year with 2013.  I do so with a stark awareness of what lies ahead.

Last year, I neglected to write often or chose not to do so as a way to (perhaps) keep from facing those challenges on certain levels. Avoidance. Denial. Fear.

2013 is the beginning of a new year.  To build relationships.  Make connections. Tell stories. Other people’s.  My own.

After all, that is what I do best.  I am…

…a storyteller.

Facing into my own stories, sharing it for the world to see.  Writing them down. Regularly.

That is what will make this storyteller…

…a writer.

6 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Year as a Writer and Storyteller

  1. Malinda

    You are Simply Amazing! We all face “Challenges” in our life that we sometimes don’t or are not ready to face. This does not diminish or take away from all that we do accomplish. Know that you must take each obstacle as it comes and face and deal with the best way you know how. I know in my heart that you will find a way to meet each challenge, and you will, with the grace that you have always shown find a way to handle it. You will always have my support and help in your endeavors. My wish for you in this coming year is to know that you are Deeply Loved and that your Light has touched another life… Mine especially, in just the short time I have been blessed to be in your world… <3<3<3

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