Christmas and Re-Gifting

With a little less than one week before Christmas, so many are fighting to get the best deals on gifts that will go into a closet to be re-gifted next year.  Or they are fighting the time crunch of getting holiday baking done. Or fretting about not having enough. Or spending too much.

Please take the time to remember those who are fighting for their lives. 

They are everywhere.

Some are in uniform. Others in hospital gowns awaiting life-extending surgeries. Others sit alone at home with no one.

And some are out there with you shopping, baking, fretting and spending with smiles on their faces.  Yet…on the inside they, too, are fighting for their lives.

There will be more deals, whether you need a sale or not to afford the gifts that someone will re-gift later. The holiday baking doesn’t need to go from lips to hips.

Take a moment to slow down and notice the world around you and the people in it.

This season make connections with others. Deepen those connections you already have. Reach out to those you don’t know well.

Listen to their stories. Open up and tell your own.

These stories will be re-gifted throughout the year, but they will never have to sit in a closet until next year.


Hugs… Laughter…and Love


2 thoughts on “Christmas and Re-Gifting

  1. Mick

    Well spoken Coral, the manic fretfulness and crazy commerce is very superficial, and is ultimately very isolating. One only has to think of the families in Newport CT, and how dissonant they must find the world ‘moving on’, in these dark days for them.

    Happy Christmas to you 🙂 !

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