NET Cancer Day Is November 10th

I was diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET)/Carcinoid Cancer in May. I, like so many other people, including medical professionals, had never heard of this cancer.

I have even learned recently that some cancer organizations do not lend support for research or awareness of this particular cancer.  So, those of us who are being diagnosed are taking the world on by storm.

NOVEMBER 10th is NET Cancer Day to raise awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world. We don’t get a whole month (yet), but a day.

I ask each and everyone of you to make this cancer your awareness cause/concern.  You can start this Saturday, November 10th, and then continue to educate yourself and others throughout the month, year, and years to come.

What you may not know is this:  This cancer usually goes undetected or misdiagnosed for years, because assumptions are made. The hoofbeats that are heard in our cases ARE zebras, not horses. In other words, we are not the obvious.

And this is not a cancer, where a tumor can be cut out and all is good.  Most of us are diagnosed at the Stage IV level when it has already metastasized to our livers and other organs. In some cases (like mine), radiation and chemotherapy are never an option. My gratefulness is that it is a relatively slow-growing cancer.

KNOWLEDGE is power. I ask that you make it your mission to learn. Go to the NET cancer/Zebra/Carcinoid pages and learn more. Talk to others about their stories/experiences. LEARN more and more and more.

Please make the zebra ribbon as recognizable as the other ribbons. It starts with you committing to tell someone else’s story…and keep telling it.

It is so important to raise awareness with others.  And please support those you know, and show love to the people in your life…cancer or no cancer.



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