Bandaids Don’t Help

I am frequently reminded that, when I allow others to see me as I truly am, those who are truly willing and capable of loving me (in spite of myself) will not falter in that emotion.

This does not require perfection, but it means connection as it is truly meant to be.

This weekend, I was able to test that theory, as my intended “relaxing retreat” gave way to dealing with feeling poorly, and a silly (and still mysterious) injury to my knee. Yet, I committed to allowing others to see the authentic me and living in whatever moments were given to me.

All in attendance–participants and staff alike–were instrumental in making it comfortable for me to be true to myself and experience all that life has given to me…Love, laughter, pain, healing, nurturing, and so much more.

I am so grateful to Harmony Hill Retreat Center for giving me a wonderful opportunity for growth.  And in light of this recent weekend retreat, I would like to dedicate to Harmony Hill something I wrote several years ago.

Bandaids Don’t Help

I love…you.

Not a version of you
That you think
I need you to be.

You are free
To be you
With me.


Are highly

Loosen them.
Your wounds.

Let me see.

You saw mine.
You did not
Turn away.

You will find
That you are
Not alone.

Show me…you.

(Original of  “Bandaids Don’t Help” was published on August 30, 2010, now on Yahoo! Voices.)


3 thoughts on “Bandaids Don’t Help

  1. Karen Fazzini

    I really enjoyed your poem! I have always thought generally, if people would JUST BE REAL, instead of masking and hiding their emotions, we’d all be in a better place!!

  2. Reblogged this on Beyond Life's Challenges and commented:

    I have recently had several people open up to me in ways that they feel quite vulnerable. It reminds me of something I wrote in response to a friend’s email to me soon after he had been fired from a prestigious position at a company, and was at a low point. Several weeks ago, this friendship ended without any explanation, and I found myself feeling the pain of old wounds being ripped open.

    How I need to remember to keep my heart open to others who value me in their lives, and stay genuine to who I am. I must not live in fear of rejection.

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