Surgery Rescheduled–Asking for Your Thoughts and Prayers

Last Friday, I learned from the Madigan medical system that they would not refer me out to UW Medical Center for the surgery.  There is much more to this situation that I can write about for now, as I’ve contacted an attorney.  What I need now is an abundance of positive thoughts, prayers, good feelings, love, joy and laughter that I can receive.

I have an amazing circle of people in my life, including friends, family, acquaintances, workshop participants, doctors, etc. who have shown me so much support, love, and encouragement in the past several weeks.  Some of these people have also been total strangers.  I’m very fortunate, indeed.

So, now we begin the road to learning to live with this disease called, “Carcinoid Syndrome.”  We start by getting rid of the culprit.  On Thursday, I am scheduled to have an ileocecectomy, which is a partial resection of my small intestine where the primary tumor is likely located and removal of the cecum in the colon.  They will reattach the intestine to the ascending colon.  The surgeons will also remove the lymph nodes that have metastatic disease.  They will also remove lesions in the left lobe of the liver and leave the right side alone for now, until I have recovered and we can see what the cells will be doing once the primary tumor is removed.

I am confident in abilities of the UW medical team.  I am confident in my support system outside of the medical team.  I am encouraged by all those who have rallied around me as I prepare for this fight.

I will be in the hospital for about a week before I’m released to go home to recover.  I look forward to seeing some of you in the hospital and in the weeks to follow.

Just remember, I will probably not be able to entertain you.  This is when I get to let you have center stage.

Please don’t get too used to it, though.  I’m planning on being back to my normal and ornery self  sooner than later! 😉


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