Dragging My Feet

I am dragging my feet to try to put off the inevitable.

Today, I must go to the hospital to pick up syringes to start giving myself three-times-daily injections of the drug Octreotide, which will calm down my liver before they remove most of it on the 11th of next month.

I would never have made a good junkie.


10 thoughts on “Dragging My Feet

  1. I want to say something encouraging but that would be one of my “I can’t imagine” moments. Although I have known many people who have had to give themselves injections, the idea just doesn’t seem possible to me. But I know, when there is a need to do something, we find the way…
    You will too.

  2. Lisa

    You are strong, You are witty, You are beautiful… You have done so many things and this too you will be able to do…

  3. Mick

    You’re going through a tough time of your life, but with it, comes a kind of discernment, between things that truly matter, and other stuff, which truly does not. I will think of you, and will keep solidarity with you, on June 11th.

  4. Karen

    You will be in my heart and thoughts every day. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. It takes strength, courage, and class…all attributes you already have!

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