Sunday’s Thought

I become continually aware of how much time I have spent searching in my life. Never satisfied.  Looking for what is next.

Life’s current lessons for me seem to be two-fold:

  • There might already be “enough”
  • Be okay with the “wait”

This does not always pertain to wealth or acquisitions, but it encompasses every aspect of life.

And so I leave you today with these words, which I wrote several weeks ago:

There comes a time when we must stop searching and look at what is already right in front of us.  We may have exactly what we need within our reach for our journey in life in order to live our purpose and to experience the love, joy and peace for which we so desperately yearn.

Are you in constant “search” mode?  What do you have now that can be enough…for now?


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Thought

    1. Some of us seem to thrive on the struggle sometimes. I continue to strive to learn how to quiet that chaos in my head. I’ve not mastered any of it! 😉

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