Finding the Beauty

I have been taking more time lately to enjoy what life has to offer.  This includes making time for the people who are wonderful additions to my life.

My beautiful, dear friend (of nearly four years), Samantha, and I have started spending more time together.  Nothing fancy.  Sometimes we’ll take a walk across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge kibitzing about the inequities of life and snapping photographs of dandelions, rocks, or the bolts and cables on the bridge.   Some see our photos and wonder about us and how we view this world and the things in it,  as strange or lacking a specific purpose.  We see them as interesting, worthy of note, and having beauty in unique ways.

At other times, we can sit together (as we are today) in a coffee shop as we write our prospective blogs, share a cup of coffee, stop for off-the-wall conversations, and just enjoy being in the presence of one another.  No pretense.  No need to entertain.  Conversation not required, but available when the mood strikes each of us.  There is beauty in a friendship such as ours.

We have remarked on several occasions about finding the beauty in things…in places.  “Here we are living in a ‘picture postcard’ and people don’t even stop to look at it,” Sami has stated on a couple of occasions.

We have both lived in, visited, and traveled through different parts of this country (and the world) and have seen so much.

Pittsburgh, the quintessential city of industry. Biloxi and New Orleans–each city having been ravaged by hurricanes of deadly proportions.  Abilene and its rugged desert.  Other small towns in Texas with small-minded people and their attitudes.  Agana, Guam and the outdoor kitchens of homes with dirt floors, and sharing space with the chickens pecking around, while a family prepares to celebrate the birth or death of a family member.  New York City and the (sometimes hideous) stark, concrete foundation reaching up to the heavens, as its melting-pot-flavors of people bustle along on the rising clouds of steam.

And now, Sami and I have both landed in Tacoma, Washington, another place on earth that has not always received much praise, as I wrote about several years ago in Tacoma, WA: Seattle’s Dirty Little Secret.

We each are able to see and experience this small city for what living in a town grown from the logging industry to a less bustling area steeping in the arts that is less pretentious, perhaps, than its “Big Apple” counterpart can be. Of course, we are also surrounded by all that is beautiful,  photographed so often by professional and amateur camera buffs alike for the magnificent sites of Mount Rainer and Puget Sound.

When we stop for just a moment, wherever we are in life, to truly look at what is in front of us, we give ourselves a gift.  We look at life more simply at times.  We are amazed by the magnificence of what surrounds us at other times.  We appreciate the people for what they are, rather than what they are not.

Think about what each place, moment, person or experience can create or represent.  If it were not for all that we have and experience in life, what would have taken place? There are stories to be told in all that exists.  There are moments to discover as we open our eyes.    We simply must be willing to see beyond that which we have come to believe is ugly.

 What can you look at today and where is the beauty

that you have not found before today?


3 thoughts on “Finding the Beauty

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