Greetings from San Diego

Each time I come back to San Diego I realize just how much I like it here.  I’ve often said that I would not live in Southern California again, but San Diego seems so different.  It is, nor are the people I meet, not as pretentious as I find Los Angeles to be.  And there is just a different “feel” here. 

I flew in yesterday and a friend picked me up from the airport.  The weather was sunny and about 72 degrees with a slight breeze.  After a Mexican lunch in Old Town, we went down to the San Diego pier, and up to Balboa Park, just to get a little fresh air and to walk and catch up a bit.  I would like to go to the Maritime Museum during my stay.  One of the ships that is part of the museum was captured by my cell phone. 

It was the perfect way to spend few hours before heading to La Mesa to drop me off at another friend’s home, which is “base camp” while I’m here.

I’m excited to walk the 3-Day again, though I am seeing some evidence of possible rain for the weekend of the 18th through 20th.  Regardless of rain or sunshine, we will be walking the 60 miles, but I could really use the sunshine for the event.

This morning I was able to sleep in.  My friend, Karen, and her family left at about 6 a.m.  I’ve unpacked and will be donning my shoes to walk down and find a bead shop and Michael’s Arts & Crafts so I can get some things prepared for the 3-Day to offer for donations.  I want to get started on next year’s fundraising early! 

I have no plans to speak of really for this time in San Diego, except to raise breast cancer awareness, build memories with my friends here in the area, and will probably do a little bit of networking to see if their might be some viable opportunities in this area, despite what the naysayers tell us about the economy and opportunities. 

And, if nothing else, I will enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the smell of  the fresh ocean air, and I will simply…relax.


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