V is for Vacation

I need a vacation.

My favorite vacations were the days when, as a single parent, my young daughter and I packed up the car with a cooler filled with sandwich fixings, raw veggies, soda pop and ice to begin our drive to wherever our wheels (and our moods) would take us.

I was in the military then, so it often corresponded with a transfer to a new duty station, and our car was filled with enough household items, clothes, blankets and pillows to get us through a week or two before our household shipment would arrive.  And we always seemed to have a dog or two trying to get comfortable in what little space was left.

We didn’t have much money for fancy hotels, lavish dinners, or trips to amusement parks, but we had some great adventures driving across country!  It was common for us to take a turn ten miles or more off of the planned route to explore.

We shared painted deserts, greasy diners along old state highways, Mt. Rushmore, walks along streams, and rooms in old motels with skeleton key locks that we were convinced were haunted. Signs stating “Ghost town–this way” took us in directions which left us disappointed or bewildered, but we spent hours in the car laughing, singing, talking, and sharing moments that I will forever cherish.

It’s been a long time since my daughter and I have taken a vacation together.  Her life is busy now that mine is beginning to wind down.    But, oh!  How I wish for the chance to share those special, yet simple, moments with her again.

I really need a vacation.


One thought on “V is for Vacation

  1. catchats

    I liked the sounds of those vacations you used to take. Hope you get that vacation, Coral even if it’s a mini one just to refresh, get a different perspective, and capture the magic you used to feel on trips long ago.

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