Doing Things a Little “Bass-ackward”

I call myself a writer, but haven’t been writing for nearly seven months.  Some may consider that a “writer’s block,” but when days turn into weeks and then months, I suspect it has become a way to avoid writing about things that are difficult for me.

This blog is not about cooking, car reviews, knitting, or being an animal lover.  All of these topics can certainly offer up challenges; however, this blog was designed to tackle some of the other challenges that life throws at us.

Perhaps I’ve set my own expectations way too high.  After all, aren’t all of life’s challenges important to us as we face them?  Am I not equally as frustrated when I use a quarter-cup of salt in a recipe that calls for a quarter-teaspoon?

I have put a lot of pressure on myself to blog a certain way, about certain subjects, and to have certain answers that will bring certainty to myself and a reader.  When faced with uncertainty, I tend to retreat.  The result has been seven months of silence.

As a coach and trainer, I encourage others to:  Step back, take a look at the bigger picture, learn how to ask for help or be accountable by sharing their goals, and set a plan in motion–step-by-step from A-to-Z.

This is now my opportunity to apply my own advice.

I have made myself accountable to a group of bloggers/writers by joining the “Z to A in May” Blogging Challenge.  The goal is to write daily, beginning May 2nd, using a letter of the alphabet as the theme.  Sundays are designed as a day of rest.  The link to the blog is shared with the others.

In addition to “Living Beyond Life’s Challenges,” I started a blog called “Words” last year that I have also neglected. As well, I am a contributor at Yahoo! Contributors’ Network that has also lost the momentum I’d built last summer.

It is not my intention to try to tackle them all of these venues this month, but to simply apply the same principles to this one blog that I ask of others.  I will simply step back, look at the bigger picture, continue to talk over the challenges by sharing with my writers’ group, and take it one step or one letter at a time.

There is just one difference…I will be facing this challenge “bass-ackward”–from Z-to-A.  Let the challenge begin.


2 thoughts on “Doing Things a Little “Bass-ackward”

  1. Birgit

    I am glad you are getting back on track, backwards or not. You inspire me with your words Coral, that’s for your sure. Thank you!

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