Beauty and the Writer

Making a commitment to write something every day is a difficult follow-through.  I have two sites and three blogs, and am considering a fourth.

If it were simply a matter of writing, then it would not be quite so bad, but writing for an online presence takes a lot of work, and it takes some technological savvy.  When you add the challenges of living life, and working another job, writing daily seems nearly impossible!

I am learning how to maneuver through this online maze of technicalities.  I am learning how to drive more traffic to my articles.  I am trying new things, and am willing to step outside of the box I have kept myself in.

In August, I had some incredible success with nearly 30K page views at my Associated Content site.  I even decided to share that success with others, in hopes that they, too, will find more success.

September is off to a slower start, but due largely to the topics which seem to be be hot for readers to follow.  I am still amazed at what sells and what doesn’t sell.  I suppose that is all part of the learning curve.

What I have learned in these past few weeks is that I am a writer, whether people agree with the content, or my methods of distribution, or even if they find me annoying.  The beauty of it is that only people who want to read, do so.

And until the government tries to regulate freedoms of expression more aggressively, the beauty is also in being able to speak my mind…about whatever catches the readers’ fancy.

NOTE from the author: My new blog, “Words,” explores the meaning of new words, but in a creative way. I invite you also to follow this new blog, with its Word of the Day format, first reading “An Introduction to Words.” Other writings on many topics (using a variety of genres) can be found at Associated Content. You can also read articles dedicated to the topics of career transition and the job search process at .


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