Why Are We Surprised…

…when things turn out superbly?

Sometimes, I find myself completely flabbergasted when I do something right.  Or it seems too easy.  And then there is the idea that something is not a meaningful experience if it isn’t painful enough. 

Where does this mindset come from? I’m sure that I could over-analyze this to death. 

My ability to do things well, put together a quality presentation, effect positive changes, and inspire others to look beyond challenges and see possibilities is no fluke.  It comes from living my life, learning lessons, and being willing to share my story in order to make connection to others. 

Rather than waste my energy on the analysis, I am simply going to smile and be grateful that I have lived long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor of life. 

I encourage you to do the same.  You have earned the right.

2 thoughts on “Why Are We Surprised…

  1. Reblogged this on Beyond Life's Challenges and commented:

    Written nearly three years ago, I am amazed at how I still (from time-to-time) struggle with the same feelings of inadequacy that jump up and bite me in the behind when I least expect it. Thankfully, I recognize this today and push through it.

    I trust that you are doing the same.
    Joy and confidence to you today~~ Coral

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