Dancing through Lavender Fields

I try to put so many things in one day.  Sometimes it’s a way to avoid thinking too long and hard on what is going on around me.  Of course, I always have to come back to whatever it is I’ve put on hold.

One of my cousins (2nd, 3rd?) just lost a friend to cancer the other day.  I left her a note and this morning I received a reply.  Her friend battled 5 1/2 years but is “dancing through fields of lavender.”  I like that.

Carefree.  That’s what I received from that message.  Live life care free.

Good lessons can be received in the simplest of ways.  Perhaps I need to listen more intently to the lessons taught.  Slow down.  Take time to dance through fields of lavender.

But until the lavender fields are ready, today I teach my my class and then drive to an audition.  I was called yesterday by a director who would like me to audition for Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame.”  Of course, I said, “Yes.”  After all, a long day allows me time to not think so hard.

Dancing through lavender fields would be so much more fun.


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