Today’s Truth

I said that I wanted to write without feeling  fear of being imperfect.  Throw out all conventions. Simply allow myself to feel.

Today is the day.  No checking for spelling. No rewrites.  Simple, plain, raw emotion.  A true exercise of feeling fear and doing it anyway. What you see is what you get. 


A flood of emotions are washing over me.  Guilt.  Sorrow. Pain. Relief. Impending Loss. Uncertainty.

I’m losing a friend to cancer. I’ve seen her fight for four years.  Hers has been a constant fight, never letting up.   But she’s getting tired now.

She wrote me an email yesterday. It’s been awhile since we spoke.  Hospice was called three weeks ago. No more aggressive treatments.

It’s now time to try to enjoy what time i have.

Months ago we went to dinner.  A promise to tell her story.  Tell her son’s story.  Tell the story about connections to others.  Our connection. Friendships made. Kindnesses shown. More connection. More fear.

Today I hope to have the chance to see her.  Talk to her.  Tell her I love her.

time seems to be passing so slowly but so fast at the same time.

Share in the moment of whatever life will give us.  Keep connecting.


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