Living Life with Intention

…intention works in mysterious ways. — Shayla

These were the words I received yesterday in an email from a former colleague.  We had not been in contact since 2004 and only found one another through a chance meeting I had at lunch. Whether one claims it’s intention’s doing, or God, the Universe, karma, or any other reason people believe for things falling into alignment, one thing is for certain–It does work in mysterious ways.

Knowledge is power.–Sir Francis Bacon

I’ve considered that as we gain more knowledge–of ourselves and the world around us–we open ourselves up to see opportunities that we may have overlooked earlier.  I also believe that when we have been given knowledge, we can no longer claim ignorance.  From the moment we have been given some tidbit of knowledge, the question becomes:  How do we exercise the power that we now hold? Whatever we decide, it all now becomes CHOICE.

I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.  — Eleanor Roosevelt

There are times where it does seem that life works in mysterious ways.  It finds us struggling with our decisions.  Then it seems to dump us into situations to call those decisions into  focus. Yesterday was one of those days as I’d committed myself to examine the challenge I face where writing is concerned–sharing my particular story.

I ran into former coworker Cheryl, who assisted me in getting into contact with Shayla.  And not only did I reconnect with former coworkers, but I also met two young women.  As it turned out, they were both military veterans.  They were lunching together with their (combined) five children, stair-stepped in ages from 8 to 4 years old.  One of the little boys was calling out to a little girl named Kora.  Of course, I’d heard Coral and had to ask.  True to my form, within a few minutes, we had gotten to know one another quite well.

With the woman named Jennifer, there were many other connections, even though I’m probably 25 years older than she is. She has also written at Associated Content, the site where I have contributed for over a year.  She shared with me that she is writing a book for women considering military service and wants to talk with me about my experiences.  I agreed.  And I shared a couple of tidbits about projects I have in the works, and would like to learn from her experience in publishing.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science. — Albert Einstein

Though knowledge certainly can be powerful as it gives us tools to make informed decisions, it is when we make authentic connections with other people that we become even more powerful.  We must be open to sharing our stories–written or spoken. Being willing to  open up to forming new bonds, new friendships, and new alliances is making the choice to live with intention.

Therein, life’s intention is no longer quite so mysterious.


2 thoughts on “Living Life with Intention

  1. Shayla

    My Dear Coral,

    You have no idea how interesting and inspirational it has to reconnect with you. It doesnt surprise me that you have found a tool spread your words and I think you will touch many lucky people who stumble across, or are lead to your blog. Im honored to be quoted and mentioned in your blog, and hopefully when I start my own, you will also be a topic of discussion as one of the motivators that came across my path at the right time. All a part of that mysterious intention we speak about. Thanks again for sharing such great work.


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