Having the Courage to Face Fears

I have been slow to learning how to maneuver through this world of computer-mediated communication.  Though I learned how to “chat” over a decade ago,  social networking has becoming such a fast-growing craze that I’ve been unable to keep up!  Yet, I persist and hope to learn more as I go along.

Recently, I came across a coach named Cassandra Rae living in the San Francisco Bay area.  I must admit that her energy level makes me tired!  She writes on several blogs that I’m not able to keep up with easily!

But back to her energy…Her message to me is to live life fearlessly, by being courageous enough to face fears. And she does it by putting herself out there, letting others see the genuine, vulnerable, wonderfully open Cassandra with a sense of humor that makes me laugh.  She’s a delight!

Much of what I’ve read of her thus far has a familiar ring to it.  Though we are two different people whose paths have taken us on different journeys, there are many similarities.  She shares her life so very openly that it speaks to me to take a look at my own challenges. Yes, Coach Cassandra Rae has been dropped into my lap through social networking, and quite unexpectedly so, and has challenged me to approach life fearlessly.

Facing fear isn’t always easy.  But the sooner I realize that I am not alone in what I fear, nor am I alone in facing those fears, the easier it becomes to tackle what I consider to be the “tough stuff.”

Cassandra asked the question yesterday, “What are you doing to create the life of your dreams?”  As I begin to explore the possibilities, I must also ask myself, “What is the fear that holds me back from creating that life and dream?”

You might have a list of fears or challenges that hold you back.  Trying to tackle them all at once will be overwhelming. So let’s begin today by addressing them in baby steps–one step at a time.

At the beginning of the year, I said that my goal was to write something daily.   So the fear I examine today is that which I hold onto surrounding this blog.  I have not written daily because my fear is that I don’t always have something profound to say and others may find it meaningless.  It may mean that I don’t have much to write about, when I think others expect me to write a novelette.

This fear robs me of an opportunity to genuinely connect with some people that may see me as unapproachable.  It also robs me of the joy of being able to laugh when I make a mistake in grammar, spelling or syntax.

My challenge is to let others see me in the imperfections and be joyous doing so.  My challenge is to make a point of writing at “Living Beyond…” on a daily basis and giving myself permission to write only one paragraph, or one line, or to share a quote…if that’s all I want to write.

What is one challenge that holds you back from the kind of life you want to live?  What are you willing to tackle today?


One thought on “Having the Courage to Face Fears

  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing these powerful questions about creating the life of your dreams. I am impressed with how much your are writing and publishing on your blog. Good job! I know first-hand how big a task it can be to make that commitment to blog every day. I did that for one month once and what I did was set a 30 minute timer. I would write what I wrote in that time frame and when the timer went off I would publish whatever I had and move on to other stuff. It was a great experience!

    Oh you know what you can do too? Is write a few posts ahead of time to have some backup content for when you don’t feel like writing one day, but you can still publish. It’s important to give yourself time off when you need it.

    Okay, I really needed to receive that message today so thank you for writing, reaching out to me, and simply being you!

    Big toothy smiles ~

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