Passion, Mission and Purpose

I love my job.

I have passion for what I do.

For the first time in many years I am doing what I am intended to do in life.   I not only am working in a job and with a company where I am celebrated for what I bring to the table, but I have the…

…freedom to be myself

and share what I believe is most important in many of life’s transitions.  I am lucky to have finally come to a point where I “fit”…and quite well.

It has not always been like this.  It is a wonder that I did not drown many times in the undercurrents of those jobs and organizations where I had no place being.

I wonder…how many others are currently doing something where there is no joy.  No passion.  No life.  Where one day melts into another and the music has been silenced in their souls.

The time has come to take control and…

…find your passion. 

Develop a mission statement.  Start living and breathing what it is that you love to do and with an organization that fits what you want for you.  It is not all about fame, fortune, or things that can be lost  in a blink of an eye.

It is about living life with a purpose…

…your purpose. 

It starts with taking the time to discover what that purpose is.  You still have time.

Take that time now.


2 thoughts on “Passion, Mission and Purpose

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